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Rethinking Reading Goals

What do I want right now?

I'm foregoing my usual start-of-the-month TBR post to spend a little time exploring my 2022 reading goals as a whole. To be honest, I haven't fully settled on all of the books I intend to read during January so it felt like a good time to pause and more fully consider what I want out of my reading life over the next 12 months.

Last year, I read 55 books, surpassing my goal of 50. I know some readers finish many more titles than this, and others complete far fewer. This number felt right to me given my other interests and obligations so I'm keeping 50 as my intention for 2022. However, as I noted last January, a reading goal is about more than just a number.

Then and now, my overall goal is a rich and satisfying reading life. In addition to the number of books I hope to read, I want to fine tune some of my reading habits and deepen my bookish knowledge. I identified three areas in need of enhancement-- and three strategies for doing so.

  1. Consistency. I like to pick up my book when I know I have a stretch of time to immerse myself in the story. Life being what it is, some days I end up reading a lot, and some days hardly anything. I'm hoping to even this out by committing to at least 15 minutes of reading time every day. My new Reading Tracker Printable is helping to keep me accountable to this. You can get your FREE copy of the Reading Tracker Printable my clicking the Log In/Sign Up button at the top of the page!

  2. Inside Information. I want to learn more about the literary world, industry trends, and find new and diverse authors. That's why I'm making it a point to frequently read articles from sites like Book Riot, Electric Literature, and Lit Hub. I also keep up with the ever popular Modern Mrs. Darcy and take part in the classes and talks in the MMD Book Club.

  3. Authors' Takes. Have you ever put down a book and thought that you had so many questions for the author? I know I have! While you can't track down your favorite writers in person whenever you wish, you can still get their takes on their books and their writing choices. More author talks and extended interviews are available online right now than ever before. When a book truly makes an impact on me, I'm investing the extra effort to seek out author chats and appearances. I know the additional insight will only deepen my understanding and appreciation of the stories I love.


Available now... my new FREE Reading Tracker Printable! It's designed to be a fun and whimsical way to track your daily reading time and help you meet your reading goals. To get access to this FREE printable, just sign up for email alerts here on my blog. Click on the Log In/Sign Up button at the top of the page to get started today!


And now a brief round up of some of what I read in December!

A little Christmastime romance! Royal Holiday by Jasmine Guillory is about an unexpected holiday vacation that turns into an even more unexpected love story. Vivian Forest is excited to spend the Christmas holidays taking in the magnificent British sights, but what she doesn’t expect is to become instantly attracted to a certain private secretary. This was a light, easy seasonal read. True to its genre, the tension in Royal Holiday isn't in whether there will be a happy ending, it's in how the characters get there.

Finding love is only one thread in the intricately woven novel The Last of the Moon Girls by Barbara Davis. This 2020 novel follows Lizzy Moon, who left the family farm cultivated by generations of gifted healers. Her grandmother's death, and the horrible accusations against the beloved matriarch, bring Lizzy back to her family roots. I enjoyed this book and trying to unravel the mystery at its core. One content warning: a couple of scenes which include or allude to physical violence.

Winter Hours: Prose, Prose Poems, and Poems by beloved poet Mary Oliver is a collection of essays and poems that touch on nature, the nature of writing, and Oliver's private self. Oliver explores big themes with sparing words. I felt an interesting duality in this work because Oliver's reflections felt so intimate in places, but they also seemed to illuminate universal truths. I wrote down several quotes from this volume in my reading journal. This is a brief book to pick up if you're in a reflective mood and a good choice for these chilly winter months.

So as you set out on your own reading adventure in 2022....

  • What's one word that you might use to describe what you want out of your reading time this year?

  • What will challenge you as a reader and as a person while allowing you to maintain the joy which books bring to your life?

Share your answers with me in the comments. I'd love to hear about your plans and the titles you're reading! Whatever your bookish goals for 2022, Best Wishes for Further Reading!


I'm so grateful to all of my new readers! If you'd like updates whenever I post something new, use the Log In/Sign Up button at the top of the page to receive email alerts. You can also follow me on Instagram @kara.c.white. I share frequently about new blog posts and all things bookish! I'd also be grateful if you'd share my posts on your social media platforms. Thank you!


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